Corporate Events/Fundraisers

Corporate Events including company functions, special events, casino parties, birthday parties, retirement parties, wrap parties for film studios, film Festivals, wine tasting festivals, weddings, company parties and picnics, holiday parties, team building events, award banquets, outdoor festivals, and high-end hotel, restaurant and club entertainment.
A company picnic are always a good way to bring people from the office together. They give the employees a sense of “family” at the organization and allow the corporate leaders an opportunity to meet the spouses. Disc Jockeys are there to help entertain not just by play music. Will lead dances, facilitate raffles, emcee contests or awards ceremonies as well;  Other fun as Karaoke leaders to orchestrate group sing alongs, office party songs we like to play the  “GONG SHOW” or play Kamikaze Karaoke or have employees be game leaders for family or group games. Everything from Hula Hoop Contests, three legged races to the water balloon toss and our favorite full contact adult musical chairs.