School Events

Homecoming/Winter Formal/Sadie Hawkins
School dances are great social gatherings that may help raise funds for the organization sponsoring the dance. Hit music combined with a colored light show create an environment that is both fun and exciting.

Friday Fun-Day Gym Class
As an alternative to Gym class will come in with a sound system, facilitate games, activities, group dances and play requests. This is a great change of pace while keeping the students active and involved.

Proms / After-Proms Disc Jockey
The Prom and After-Prom are the climax of the whole year and school career. They are elegant affairs where students’ fondest memories are created. Our professional Disc Jockeys ensure just the right music mix to please every crowd.

All Night Grad Parties
Like Homecoming or Prom Dances the Grad Night dance is a blast. We provide Disc Jockey Services the whole night, we bring out superior sound systems and enough entertainment & Games for the whole group.. Well bring out our extensive Karaoke library and our wireless mic setup and challenge the class and see if “your the next idol”

Graduation Parties
Graduation Parties usually occur in the Spring. Whether it be high school students going off to college or college students entering the career world, Day And Night DJs can create a send off for friends and family to remember.

Step Shows & Cheer Competitions
Day And Night DJs can provide the sound system for the teams competiting and also emcee and intermision entertainment during competitions 

Class Reunions 
Class Reunions are miraculous affairs. Years of separation melt away as old friends reunite and catch-up on life since the good ol’ days.  A video plays, projected on a large screen, showing images from the Yearbook and video interviews with memorable faculty; then the DJ plays just the right mix to keep the party going! 

Parents Night Out
Parents Night Out is a fantastic way to give your parents a break. Day And Night DJs will entertain the students while their parents go out to dinner, go holiday shopping or just spend time alone. Parents are encouraged to bring their kids to the school gymnasium. Day And Night Djs will have games, activities, music, karaoke, clowns moonbounces, etc.  Then, Parents come pick-up their “worn-out” children at the designated time.